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What is SPALM?

SPALM is Application Lifecycle Management for SharePoint development projects. It comes with a proven concepts and toolset which supports the programmer as well as the administrator to improve development and deployment of custom SharePoint applications. Main focus is to standardize and industrialize SharePoint development by filling the gaps which Microsoft left us with when programming for SharePoint.

The most recent presentation about SPALM can be downloaded here.

This is page works as overview page for all related projects which support SPALM.

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What's in it for you with SPALM?

As SharePoint Architect: Standardization and Faster Results
  • Architects can create prototypes much faster and easier and can validate their concepts in PoCs before the development starts 
  • Architects can reuse the provided templates and reference implementations for recurring requirements
  • The existing coding guidelines, naming conventions and templates reduce the amount of work in technical designs
As SharePoint Developer: Improved developer productivity
  • Developers can save a lot of time by avoiding to write tons of SharePoint XML files and can concentrate on “real” development tasks
  • Standardized project structure and templates helps to make SharePoint more readable and maintainable in a development team 
  • Developer can get faster from specification to SharePoint code
As Admin of SharePoint farms: Quality and Transparency
  • Administrators can check and analyze SharePoint code before the deployment to ensure stability and performance of their farms
  • Deeper insight into SharePoint code before installation ensures governance and supportability of their farms
  • Highly automated deployment processes for SharePoint applications reduce time and costs in IT operations and make the deployment and installation more predictable and traceable

SPALM Process


  • Proven concepts and methods for gathering requirements in SharePoint projects
  • Tools to improve prototyping and Proof of Concepts


  • Provides reference Architecture, reference implementations and tools for faster development of prototypes
  • Defines coding standards, implementation guidelines and naming conventions




  • Faster Development of SharePoint code with code generation, Templates, Code Snippets, Visual Studio Integration, Tools
  • Easier development of high quality code as well as faster debugging and local deployment


  • Provides projects templates which are optimized for automated build processes (e.g. team builds)
  • Allows the setup of continous integration in SharePoint projects


  • Easier creation of testable SharePoint solutions (Project templates, reference implementations)
  • Provides standardized test templates and process templates and contains tools to run automated test

Quality Assurance

  • Provides rules to measure SharePoint code quality and run SharePoint code reviews
  • Provides tools for automated analysis of SharePoint Code, calculation of SharePoint code metrics, analysis of dependencies in SharePoint code


  • Provides a proven method for automated deployment processes
  • Provides reusable templates for typical deployment tasks (e.g. deploy solutions, activate features)

About the Authors

Matthias Einig
Matthias works as architect in Stockholm. He focuses on SharePoint solution architecture, development, application lifecycle management with Team Foundation Server and in general on improving the quality of custom SharePoint solutions.
Twitter: @mattein
Torsten Mandelkow
Torsten works at Microsoft in Germany and has a passion for high quality SharePoint Code. Starting with SPSF SharePoint Software Factory to make SharePoint development easier and more reusable he now focuses on automizing code quality analysis of SharePoint solutions.
Twitter: @tmandelkow

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