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SetSiteUrl action failed on Windows 7 Install of SharePoint 2010


I installed SharePoint Solution Factory on my Windows 7 Visual Studio 2010. I am running a installed SharePoint 2010 instance on Windows 7 and SharePoint 2010 works fine.

I create a solution using SPSP using the hive format for 2010 and I always get an error when I create the solution. SetSiteUrl action failed. I re-run the recipe "Configure Application" to select the testing and debugging site and then select my server that "does" show up in the list when I click on the drop down arrow and select it. I set the same for the testing site. It still give me the same error.

What should I do? SharePoint 2010 is running and open on my machine. I want to use this package on my development laptop.

Does anyone have any guidance on what could be causing the error?


Tim McClean
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Please post SPSF related issues on the project page of SharEPoint Software Factory ( and not SPALM (only the process model)

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